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Posted by Jodi & Ron Miller on June 13, 2012 at 5:55 PM

Years ago I was facing major reconstructive surgery of my ankle. I had been walking around for eight months on a misdiagnosed fracture. The pain had gotten unbearable and yet my doctor thought I was trying to get out of work. Someday I was all to willing to cut off my foot/ankle if it would ease the pain. I had finally reached the end of my pain tolerance. I cried out to God and He heard me. I located an awesome foot and ankle doctor who immediately pin pointed the problem without an MRI. The MRI simply confirmed his thoughts. I was not crazy! The pain was very real. Surgery was the only option. The day of surgery came and I was filled with fear - all the "what if's". Just before walking out the door I fell to my knees with my Bible in hand. I began praying for God's peace. The pages of my Bible opened to Jeremiah 30 and my eyes went to verse 17. "I will give you back your health and heals you wounds, says the LORD" Jeremiah 30:17. (NLT) Tears of relief rolled down my face and peace filled my heart. The surgery was done. A time of healing began and in time rehab was started. As I reflect on this time in my life it reminds me of the steps of healing that have gone along with my abortions. First was the abortion, then all the misinformation I was given, the unbearable pain that I walked around with for twenty years - pain that lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. I cried out to God. He heard me. God lead me to Rachel's Vineyard. Fear of facing what I had done froze me from walking out the door for my retreat. God enabled my husband to lead to me His loving arms at RV. I was not crazy! My post-abortion pain was very real. It's has been twelve years since my retreat and God has repeatedly reminded me of His promise "I will give you back your health and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord." Jeremiah 30:17(NLT) He has kept His promise and I've learned the importance of making my relationship with Him a priority. There are times when I wander away and it's during those times I realize just how much I depend on Him and have learned that He is always there even in our deepest pain and darkest moments. He is there...

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