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Three Steps Forward - Two Steps Back

Posted by Jodi & Ron Miller on August 7, 2012 at 6:20 PM

Did you ever feel like life is going no where fast? You have all the plans figured out and suddenly every thing comes to a halt, what is one to do? We find ourselves in that exact place right now. Our house is all packed and ready to go then our move comes to a screeching halt. Why God? Why? Now we find ourselves saying okay God - we will wait. We've learned over the years that it's best for us to wait until the green light comes on. There is always a reason for God's change of direction in our lives. Will we always know why - no - not always. That's where trust comes in. Trusting God knows best. That is what happened for us a little over 11yrs ago when we thought we were going to Hershey Park for the weekend but God's plan was for us to face our deepest, darkest and most painful secret - our three abortions. Instead of Hershey Park we attended a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat for post-abortive women and men. God stopped us in our tracks to begin the healing of our hearts, minds and souls. As the healing continued our marriage and faith in God grew stronger. We've learned that even if life feels like "three steps forward - two steps back" that we've actually taken one step of progress. If you suffer from that deep, dark, painful secret of an abortion - please know there is help, hope and healing. God will make a way where there seems to be know way. Broken trust begins to heal at the foot of the cross.

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