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The Shedding of Innocent Blood

Posted by Jodi & Ron Miller on December 16, 2012 at 2:05 PM

The Shedding of Innocent Blood

By: Jodi L. Miller- December 16, 2012

On Friday December 14, 2012, evil exposed its ugly realities in Newtown, Connecticut where a twenty year old man went on a killing spree. Killing his mother first then went to Sandy Hook elementary school where he continued the killing of twenty-six more innocent people, twenty of them children ages five-ten years of age and six other innocent adults, before taking his own life. Utter evil! No matter how we try to understand there is no making sense of it all. Innocence taken away for all those affected by it, the eyewitnesses, the first responders, the funeral directors and those who are left to clean up this madness and horrific carnage. Outrage, yes!! Sorrow, yes!! Fear of the next evil plan being conjured up waiting for the time to unload and prey on the innocent. Who needs terrorist from foreign lands when we do such a great job in our homeland? I try to wrap my mind around the evil that takes place thousands of times each and every day. The evil, horrific carnage of abortion, the innocent unprotected babies who are literally torn apart piece by piece in the sacred place where their lives begin – there mother’s womb. Their little bodies tossed in a heap in some container. Disposed of where? God only knows. President Obama shared his thoughts and emotions Friday as he spoke to our Nation. He too was trying to make sense of the horrific deaths of the innocent. He spoke of the young innocent lives that were taken, all the birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. that they would miss. The sadness is overwhelming. That’s when I felt the weight of all the innocent babies being aborted each day. What about the birthday they will never know? What about their first day at kindergarten? What about their graduations, weddings and the ability to bring their own children into this world? All gone never to exist; yet they do. Heaven is filled with all their souls. Our government, our Supreme Court Justices, the Physicians performing the abortions, those referring women to abortion clinics etc, are all cover by the blood of the thousands of innocent lives taken each day. My heart aches for all those affected by Friday’s evil act in Newtown, Connecticut. My heart bleeds for all the innocent babies taken each day at the hands physicians who apparently have no value of human life and have been blinded to the reality of what they choose to do. My heart hurts for the many women/men who walk about in silent pain when they realize the impact of what they chose to do by taking the life of their own little one. They didn’t protect the life within – they chose to put themselves first. We can try to excuse the choice of abortion – rape, incest etc. but in the end murder is murder. The act of abortion is taking of innocent life just like the elementary school in Sandy Hook. Those children/adults were blindsided by an evil act. Thousands of babies are blindsided each day by the abortionist’s evil tools. There are the victims families left behind to deal with the pain and after math that will forever follow them. There is counseling, churches and prayer vigils to help console those reeling in pain from the murder of these innocent children/adults as there should be. Those reeling from the pain, guilt, shame, sorrow, regret and suicidal thoughts because of their choice to abort their own child, please know there is help for you too. You no longer need to hide or walk alone in your silent pain. Here are some resources available to you, www.rachelsvineyard.org , www.silentnomoreawareness.org and www.Hisgraceheals.com .

People it’s time we look evil in the face and say NO MORE! Begin by embracing the truth. We need to get back to the basics by putting God first – not last or only when we need/want something. Bring back the Word of God. Follow His commandments. Bring back moral living. Then and only then will we begin to see the changes in the decay of evil living.

Jodi Miller – Mother of three aborted children: Faith, Hope and Grace

Author of: A Voice to the Inner Pain: A Path to Faith, Hope and Grace


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