Book signing party - March 24, 2012 Book signing party - March 24, 2012 Candy hunt begins 152460191 Flowers by Grams 152460189 Guest sign in table 152448496 Banner 152448497 Decoration 152448498 152448501 Pre party 152460168 Ski Hill Lodge all decorated 152460171 Ski Hill lodge all set up ready to go 152460170 More table decorations 152448505 Table decoration 152448504 More table decor 152460152 More table decor 152460169 More table decor 152460178 Flowers from Grams 152448503 Snacks 152448506 More snacks 152448507 Beautiful fireplace 152448500 The one and only original cross Created and made by our loving Oasis youth ministry kids.....CJ, Caleb, Flo, Calin, Thomas, Cara, Cody, 152448502 The Cross 152460179 Family reunion It took ten years and a book to be written for our familes to be reunited..Sure do miss you all! Rob Jr, Barabra Jean, Amy "popcorn" and their mom -Barb 152448508 The Confer's Huggin Wes, - Caleb and Cj...A very special family! We love you all!! 152448509 The boys Caleb, Henry and CJ - 152448510 Me and my boys I'm thinking about getting a step stool 152448512 The real family My Sista and brother in law 152458310 Introducing our familes Cj, Caleb meet Rob jr., Popcorn and Barbara Jean.... 152448513 Special moment JoJo presenting me with special art work she drew of Jesus and Mary 152460181 More friends Mom, Miss Rosemary, Denise and Paul 152448514 152458309 Church Friends Wes, Diane and husband Denis 152448515 Bestest of Friends Linda, Henry and me 152448516 More family Trevor and Collin - we love you as our own! 152448517 152458306 The book 152448499 Rachel's Vineyard Family Our dear Denise 152460156 152460157 Signing A special moment - a proud wife! 152460155 The Sweetest Girls JoJo, Jess, and Samantha 152458307 Our Special Friends 152458308 Tagliabue Family Love this picture - Rob Jr, Barbara Jean, Amy "popcorn" and Mom....There is a huge void in this picture Robert Sr. We miss you so much - but Heaven is a better place because of you... 152460158 My second Mom - Mere Ware, David, Barb, Henry and me. 152460153 Kidz Zone Briana, Devin, CJ and Caleb 152460154 Kidz Zone Trevor, Devin, Collin, Briana, Matthew, Caleb and CJ 152460159 Sista's table Joy, Brendan, Mere Ware, Barb and Dave 152460160 My Wes Love ya girl!!! 152460161 My girls Diane, Wes and me 152460162 Mere Ware and Brendan 152460163 Silly Sista's 152460164 Silly Sista's 2 Joy and me 152460165 Sweetest sound This young ladies have the most angelic voices and they honored us by singing....Beautiful simply beautiful! Thank you girls!!! 152460183 The Mom's Mere Ware, Matthew, Mom (Granny), Joy, Adelle and Brendan 152460167 Diane, Denis, Henry and me 152460172 Karin and Rich 152460180 Buffet 152460176 Dinner time Penne Pasta and Broccoli, Red oven roasted potatoes 152460174 Chicken Franchaise, Swedish meatballs and chicken fingers 152460175 Sprial sliced ham 152460177 Awesome cake 152460182 The cake AWESOME! 152460173 Cutting the cake 152460166 Kidz games Candy hunt 152460184 Kidz games After the candy hunt 152460185 Kidz games 152460190 152460194 The Tags Love ya! 152460187 Old friends catching up 152460188 Silly - Matthew 152460192 Just a few words 152460193 Precious Joy and Bernadette 152460186