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January 2, 2014 - A New Year, A new day!

It's a new year and new day. This morning while having breakfast my husband said, "Look honey at Pretty Mama (mother doe) cleaning her yearlings face. That is so cute." I agreed. Then a thought came over me. God gives the animal kingdom a primal instinct to protect and care for its young. An elephant heard will work together as a unit to protect its young. Many of us humans which have greater knowledge(that's questionable) than the animal kingdom have lost our primal instinct... to protect our unborn. Oh how deceived we have become to think that abortion is a women's right. God has given us all the right to choose. Be not deceived abortion is death! It's final. No going back. We need to get back to the roots of respecting ALL life! Get back to the basics of life. That Mama deer shows up nearly every day, gently caring for her offspring. It's time that we rally around and protect our unborn. Roe vs. Wade has had its season it's time to embrace all the women and men who have fallen for the lie of abortion proponents, see that they get the healing so desperately needed. Then lift up the women who find themselves in crisis situation by helping hands finding housing, health care, work, food resources, just like a heard of elephants in their natural settings; rallying around to love, nurture, support, and provide for the rising up of their youngins. If you're post abortive and reading this, know that there is healing should you need it.


             Mother's Day 2013

Mother's day can be an extremely difficult day for post abortive women. So I pray for those of you who feel that pain to seek out God for the ultimate healing and restoration. That you will have peace of mind and know that you are not alone... in your pain. There is hope and healing. If you know someone who has had an abortion maybe reach out to them in a special, loving way on this day.






Written by: Mom (Jodi Miller)

April 26, 2013


There is a blank space within my mind

A time and place that eludes me.

Why, oh, why can’t I recall that time?

You, my dear Grace, were growing deep within my womb.

I tried to hide you.

I tried my best to protect you.

You were mine.

He figured it out – My symptoms gave it away.

Yes, I was pregnant.

I wanted you so!!!

No one would take you from me.

I’d already lost your sisters to the gruesome

abortionists instruments.

I knew better now I wasn’t so naïve,

especially after I flushed the remains of your aborted

sister down the toilet.

I fought for you!

I really, really fought for you.

Your Aunt Joy new of you – she tried to encourage me to weigh my options – I had time.

Yet I felt I had no place to turn too.

I was weak.

I feared the consequences that he would leave me alone.

These are the memories of you.

You lived within me.

I knew you were there.

Then suddenly it’s blank – my mind can’t recall.

It’s empty – just like my womb-Empty.

There was a time when you were real.

Where did your life end?

I had you for thirteen weeks.

Who was it that took you from me?

There was a time, there was a space.

Then it was over.

The verbal battles ceased.

Another part of me gone.

Empty, alone my heart breaks as I can’t

recall the day my dear Grace you were taken from me.


If you were alive today you’d be twenty-eight.

A grown woman – sweet child of mine.

This I know, you’re in Heaven united with your sisters

Faith and Hope.

I recall the day we named you.

When we (Mom and Dad) together realized your life was real not some blob of tissue.

June 3, 2000 we named you Grace.

All these years later your life is developing a new meaning.

Maybe someday our minds will recall that fateful day

 your life was taken away.

But for now – I believe God is using you to heal those deep inner wounds by literally pouring

His GRACE upon us;

using you dear Grace, to unite Mom and Dad

in a way like never before.

His pain, my pain, our pain blinded by the tears of regret.

You dear Grace we will never forget.




                       A River of Love

By: Jodi Miller – 9/17/03


 God, Your love is like water flowing through a river.

It is a love that flows into every crack and crevice.


We are like the rocks in that river.

The rocks vary in shape and size

but that doesn’t matter to You.

Your love doesn’t distinguish between

shape, size or color.


Over time As Your love flows,

 it smoothes out all our rough edges.

The anger, pain, bitterness, fear and doubt

 are washed away with the flow of your endless love.

As our rough edges fade we are transformed by

 your grace, hope, confidence, peace, and joy.

We become well rounded and smooth to the touch

just like the beauty of river rocks.


At times Your love flows like a raging river

after a storm.

Other times a little trickle flowing down

the gentle stream.

You, almighty Father adjust, the flow

to meet our every need.



                                   Gentle Fall

By: Jodi Miller 10/13/06


A beautiful fall day with clear blue skies the leaves an array of brilliant colors, most definitely a winter hat & mitten morning.   As the wind of the cold front blew in many leaves were stripped from their trees.


God, you lovingly reminded me that our lives are similar to the leaves on the trees.  Going through different seasons. A time to bloom and blossom, a time to grow and mature, a time to be brilliant and shine, a time to shed the old making room for new.  It’s all about process and timing, not our timing but yours.


Some leaves shed easier while others cling to their branches seemingly refusing to let go.  When the release finally happens you even in the wildest of windstorms ever so gently guide the falling leaves to their finally resting place.


What a loving example you’ve given.  Reminding us as we struggle with releasing ourselves from our old decaying ways to make room for a new thriving life that you will not let us slam into the ground. Rather, you’ll gently lead and guide us to a soft, safe landing with a promised future of something good!






                        Bogged Down by Fog

Written by: Jodi Miller – October 8, 2003


As I woke this morning what did I see?

Outside there was nothing but thick heavy fog .

This fog was a true reflection of my inner being

feeling lost and confused, not knowing what to do.

Feeling desperate and despaired like a complete failure at all I do.

Feeling the heaviness of all this physical weight I carry around.

Feeling lost with an attitude of defeat.

I’ve struggled this morning to make it to my Heavenly Father’s feet.

So here I sit in this thick dense fog crying out to my

 Heavenly Father above.

I can’t see thirty feet in front of me and I certainly can’t see the person He wants me to be.

I pour out my heart wanting nothing more

 than to be free from this weight that burdens me.

I cry out, God, help me see what You see in me,

help me to know the truth from lies.

As I pour my heart out the fog slowly starts to lift,

it’s no longer so heavy and thick.

 Slowly I start to see as God speaks to me.

“You, my dear, are fearfully and wonderfully made

You, my dear, have strength in me

You, my dear, have a heart just for me but you do

cling to this little part that at times causes you to part from Me.

Give me your heart, ALL of your heart,

then you’ll find the freedom that you seek.”

 God lovingly reminds me that He’s started a good work

in me and will complete until the end, never leaving me,

 or forsaking me.

Suddenly that heaviness that held me down has lifted up,

 and no longer am I bound.

No longer does the thick fog blind my eyes

for it too has gone by the wayside.

Finally everything is clear to meone day, one moment at a time

giving God all of mine!


God Bless America?

By: Jodi Miller – October 31, 2012


My Lord,

My heart feels numb,

Why? Oh why?

So much sorrow and loss,

from the storm we call Sandy,

which you allowed to ravage our land.

Truly we deserve your wrath,

For we have certainly turned our backs on you.

We embrace lies as a Nation.

We embrace the killing of innocent lives.

We embrace sexual immorality.

We embrace greed.

We embrace same sex marriage.

We embrace promoting safe sex to our youth verses abstinence.

We embrace violence.


We deny You.

We deny life.

We deny prayer in school.

We deny you in our government.

We deny your Word.

We deny your commandments.

Indeed, some seek to deny you are Christmas.


Yet, we cry out to You when tragedy strikes.

We cry out to you in our pain.

We cry out to you to bless our country when it’s convenient,

Or simply sounds good in a speech.

We cry out to you when we want or need something.

We cry out to you when death occurs.

We should be crying out to you ALL the days of our lives.

When death comes we can praise you – for those who don’t deny you.

For those who trust in you there shall be no more pain, no more sorrow.

 Joy will be theirs.

Joy will be ours.


Yet we seem surprised when crisis’ a rise

Why should God care for us when we don’t care for Him?

Why should God respond to us when we deny Him?

Why should we think we’re free from

 the consequences of our choices?

Why should God bless us when we don’t honor and respect Him?


When we turn our backs on abortion, sexual immorality, greed,

 hatred, and deceitful living.

When we once again embrace our Creator, the One true living God

Stand for Him

Stand for life

Then we can ask and freely cry out

God Bless America!

             My Heavenly Valentine

By: Jodi Miller - February 14, 2004



You are love

You are the creator of love

You are the peace, joy and serenity

You are a never-ending source of strength

You are gentle, compassionate and patient

You are the appitamy of love!


Your love goes deeper and higher than one could ever know

Your love is endless and knows no bounds

Your love is pure and undefiled

Your love is the reason for which I live

Your love is sacrificial

Your love is free for everyone

Your love do not discriminate

Your love is reassuring and comforting

Father your love is not commercialized

and last not for just one day

but for all eternity

Thank you God that your love never changes

For you are the greatest Valentine of all!



                                          By: Jodi Miller – 7/10/03 

Shush…….did you hear that,

the quiet whisper in your ear?


A wise woman once said be careful of those whispers

that you hear

Identify from where it comes because there is one who slyly

waits to watch you fall out of God’s loving grace


God’s word warns us to beware, to stand strong and firm,

for there is evil everywhere

Beware of the whispers that you hear,

be clear of who it is that is near.


If you’ve listened to the whisper and stepped off God’s path

stop right where you are, because God

is stronger than that.


Forget that whisper and shout out loud God’s word

and you’ll be right back on track

where you belong.


God says to listen to His still small voice

but know this, never will He lead you to making a wrong choice


Before you act on the whisper you hear –

make sure you identify the voice in your ear.


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